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Looking for a scrumptious desert to go with our wonderful pizza, subs or pasta. Try one of our great desserts that will satisfy your sweet tooth!
Funnel Cake Fries $3.49
No need to wait for the Fair. If you want a funnel cake, this is your desert.
They are shaped like fries for easy munchin'!
Apple Dessert Pizza $5.99
Real apple pie filling on top of a cinnamon & maple crust, coated with streusel crumbles and icing!
CinnaSquares $3.99
Breadsticks coated with cinnamon and maple sugar.
Cannoli $3.49
Delicious traditional Italian dessert
Cherry Dessert Pizza $6.99
Cherry topped 10" shell with lots of struesel, cinnamon/maple seasonings and finished
with a drizzle of icing.
OMG Cheesecake $5.99
Cheesecake wrapped in dough and deep fried. Decadent and delicious enough
to make you go "OMG!"
Gluten Free Desert $6.99