Pepicelli's Commercial

Ten Reasons to Call Pepicellis1. The Best Pizza in Hanover County:
Take a break from bland commercial pizza. Choose from one of the 14 mouthwatering, award-winning specialty pizzas, pizzas like the Kickin Chickin or the Philly Cheese Steak. Or don’t choose. Just pick the PEPI, the signature pizza with two types of pepperoni, special seasonings including flavor-packed oregano, thyme, and basil, and five different types of cheese. Sink your teeth into our homemade dough, made fresh every day and formed into delicious, pillowy beds of pizza perfection. Feel the hot cheese mingle with the market fresh hand-cut vegetable toppings and premium quality ham, turkey, bacon, and sausage. Perfection.
2. The Very Best Ingredients:
We never use preservatives, we never water down our sauce, and we never, ever use anything but fresh ingredients. And unlike our big-chain competitors, we don’t load up our crust with salt and fats to disguise bad flavors. Our food tastes amazing because it’s made simply, with the best ingredients.
3. Support Local Business:
That’s right. Pepicelli’s is family owned and operated. Come in and talk to owners Tom and Lisa, get a tour of the store, and feast your eyes on all the fresh food you can ever handle. Even more: Unlike the big pizza chains that pull funds away to a corporate office, Pepicelli’s supports the local economy. Pepicelli’s is part of the framework that makes up your community.
4. Pepicelli’s Offers Desserts.
Really good desserts. Not just any desserts, but handmade Cannoli, mom’s Paklava, and certainly try the hot fresh CinniSquares with our homemade cinnamon sauce. These doughy squares, loaded with delicious maple and cinnamon, are the perfectly sweet complement to end any savory Pepicelli’s experience.
5. Appetizers and Sides, too!
Pepicelli’s appetizers and sides are a memorable part of any pizza experience. Buffalo wings slathered in three types of sauce, baked fries with our special seasoning, and even better, our Garlic Knots. Let’s linger on those, just for a moment. Garlic Knots. Bite sized twists, made from our fresh homemade dough and slathered with our homemade garlic sauce and premium Romano cheese. Better get two orders!
6. Subs. Delicious Subs.
We recommend the Slash Cottage. (But only if you’re hungry!) Loaded with fresh, high-quality Genoa salami, capicola, New York deli pepperoni, ham, turkey, and bacon, plus all the fresh-cut veggies you desire, this is one monster sub! Or show that you’ve got what it takes to get the brand new Flamethrower Sub!
7. The Homemade Dough:
Still can’t get enough of the soft, flavorful, homemade dough? (We understand!) Turn a sub into a Pepiwich, or try any of our fresh salads in the homemade bread bowl! There’s not much better than a Calabrian Antipas in a bread bowl!
8. Friendly, Polite Customer Service:
No corporate anonymity here. It’s our number one goal to make sure that you have the best dining experience possible. This is true whether you’re dining in the store, or answering the door for a hot, fresh delivery.
9. Delivery to YOU!
Hurray, Pepicelli’s delivers to your doorstop. Just open the door, and welcome the best pizza you’ve ever had.
10. The Very Best Game Day Food.
Let Pepicelli’s cater your game day event. It’ll be a party so great, you’ll be the envy of all!


Gwen- Ashland My younger daughter and I both need to eat gluten-free food, and we LOVED the Pepicelli's gluten-free crust pizza. It tastes good, has a nice crispness and flavor to it that is remarkable for gluten-free! The customer service at Pepicelli's is fabulous. Tom explained to me over the phone about his recipe and preparation, and Lisa was great at the counter. We will definitely be coming back -- this is our new favorite pizza place! Had their pizza and wings tonight.. YUMMY!